Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Mansardé en Cuivre

2017, Oil on Canvas, 20"x 20"

Started over two years ago, this is a painting, in a long line of paintings that I did not want to work on. It is a depiction of a building along Madison Square Park, in NYC, with a copper mansard roof and a lot of mythic adornment. I am by nature, a procrastinator. So every time I'd look at it and ask myself if I wanted to work on it, my answer was an emphatic, NO! I like however having painted it. There are many things that I love about this work, the intricacies, tone values, and color balance, forms and shadows. I do not however cherish my memories of working on it. It is the way of things detailed.

March, 2015. Shortly after beginning.

 Early June, 2017. Getting close. The painting was sold shortly after posting this image on Facebook.

Late June, 2017. Finished! After an all-nighter. Needing to frame and deliver the work later that day.

"Mansardé en Cuivre" (Mansard in Copper) is currently on exhibit at the Chambersburg Council for the Arts, in Chambersburg, PA until August 25, 2017.